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Scout Camp to Bawden Road / Douglas Road

PHOTO: Camel's Hump, Mount Macedon
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Walking trails

Bawden Rd / Douglas Rd trail

2. Scout Camp to Bawden Road / Douglas Road - 1.4km, 25mins, Easy to Moderate

You now enter Macedon Regional Park. Follow the arrows east. Shortly after crossing the shallow creek, turn left and begin walking uphill. After some time, follow the arrow pointing left. At the embankment, climb the stairs and cross Bawden Road. Over the road there is another wooden staircase leading to the top of the embankment.

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Walking trails

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Macedon Regional Park

So much to explore, only 45 minutes from Melbourne

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    A rocky outcrop known as a Mamelon... The camels hump pushes Mount Macedons height to 1,010 metres above sea level
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  • Days Picnic Ground
    Every year during the Autumn time, Mount Macedon comes alive with the amazing colours of leaves.
  • Sanatorium Picnic Ground
    Stop for a picnic before heading to the eco-trail
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