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Is it snowing on Mount Macedon?

PHOTO: Snow in the Top of the Range gardens

Mount Macedon


Our SnowCam will update every few minutes with new pictures from the summit of Mount Macedon. The SnowCam is only available during our open hours.

SnowCam 1

Top of the Range SnowCam

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SnowCam 2

Top of the Range SnowCam

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Snow updates

The latest snow updates from Top of the Range - View all

  • Light snow flurries (May 31, 2022)
    2022-05-31 - Top of the Range
    We had our first snow flurries of the year!... Read more
  • Snow Update: September 21, 2021
    2021-09-21 - Top of the Range
    Some light snow today, but all melting/melted fast... Read more
  • Snow Update: August 24, 2021
    2021-08-24 - Top of the Range
    Was good to finally see some snow on mount macedon.... Read more
  • Fox in the Snow
    2021-08-23 - Top of the Range
    We caught a fox on the snowcam, in the snow!... Read more
  • Snow Update: August 23, 2021
    2021-08-23 - Top of the Range
    At around 415pm, we started getting some random snow flurries!... Read more
  • Snow Update: July 25, 2021
    2021-07-25 - Top of the Range
    Some very light snow on the mount today. Please note that all roads and the park is still closed.... Read more
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Macedon Regional Park

So much to explore, only 45 minutes from Melbourne

  • Cross Reserve Gatehouse
  • Camels Hump
    A rocky outcrop known as a Mamelon... The camels hump pushes Mount Macedons height to 1,010 metres above sea level
  • Days Picnic Ground
    Every year during the Autumn time, Mount Macedon comes alive with the amazing colours of leaves.
  • Sanatorium Lake
    Quiet, cool, and full of flora... the lake is a must see on your visit to the park
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