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Google misinformation about our open hours

News/info - 2022-07-11

PHOTO: Snow on a snowgum (Eucalyptus pauciflora) in the Top of the Range garden

News + info

Google misinformation about our open hours

To all our lovely customers that have been using Google to check our open hours.

Google have decided that we can no longer access our business hours option in our business profile on their website, as such we can no longer update them. 

In addition to this, they have been updating our business hours with the wrong information.

Basically Google have decided to HIJACK my public business information, and make up whatever they want. This has caused great inconvenience to our customers, so we apologise that we cannot do anything about it.

If you want our business hours, they are always up to date here on our own website that is fully controlled by us. Any other source or website cthat display our open hours is wrong, and not controlled by us.

We can not take responsibility for any website other than ours that decide to post inaccurate opening hours.

Google are yet to resolve this issue for us, and we are currently opening a case with Consumer Affarirs Victoria to stop Google from maliciously interefering with the operation of our business.


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  • National Servicemens Memorial
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