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NEW Apricot Jam!

News/info - 2022-02-16

PHOTO: Kookaburra at Top of the Range

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NEW Apricot Jam!


Plus you can have some on your scones while you are here.

Our new apricot jam is made right here at Top of the Range, at the summit of Mount Macedon. By making our jams ourselves, we know what is in it, and that it was made with love.

This new flavour of jam now joins our other flavours: Raspberry, and blueberry

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  • Google misinformation about our open hours
    2022-07-11 - Top of the Range
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Macedon Regional Park

So much to explore, only 45 minutes from Melbourne

  • Sanatorium Lake
    Quiet, cool, and full of flora... the lake is a must see on your visit to the park
  • Fire Danger
    Always check local conditions when visiting Macedon Regional Park.
  • Gift Shop
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  • Memorial Cross
    One of the most significant war memorials in Victoria
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