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21/09/2021 - Gift shop updates / new arrivals
We have restocked our favourite t-shirts... the JURASSIC style tshirts have just landed, and on our online store!... //Read more...
  • NEW Gift Shop Arrivals! (21-Sep-2021)
  • NEW Gift Shop Arrivals! (21-Sep-2021)
  • NEW Gift Shop Arrivals! (21-Sep-2021)

Snow Update: September 21, 2021

21/09/2021 - SNOW UPDATES
Some light snow today, but all melting/melted fast... //

Cross Reserve is STILL CLOSED

14/09/2021 - NEWS/UPDATES
The Memorial Cross remains closed (as does much of the park), the lack of action in the Memorial Cross Reserve should be of concern to all residents of our region. It is just another instance in a pattern of inaction at the Cross.... //Read more...
  • Cross Reserve is STILL CLOSED
  • Cross Reserve is STILL CLOSED

Park is still closed

10/09/2021 - NEWS/UPDATES
Despite report that the park is OPEN... in actual fact, all that is open is us (tea rooms), and harbison picnic area.... //Read more...
  • Park is still closed
  • Park is still closed

Open weekends only (at this stage)

6/09/2021 - NEWS/UPDATES
As the park has NOT fully opened, and combined with the ongoing regional lockdowns... We can only open on weekends at this point in time.... //Read more...

We are open this friday

1/09/2021 - NEWS/UPDATES
We will be open after a long 86 days of completely unnecessary closures. we will be open for takeaway only for locals within the restrictions. ... //Read more...

Top of the Range JURASSIC shirts now available

27/08/2021 - Gift shop updates / new arrivals
Top of the Range JURASSIC shirts now available on our online store.... //Read more...
  • Shop of the Range - our new online store

Raspberry jam available on our new online store!

26/08/2021 - Gift shop updates / new arrivals
Head over to our new online store and get some of our awesome raspberry jam!... //Read more...
  • Top of the Range raspberry jam... now available at Shop of the Range, our online store.

Snow Update: August 24, 2021

24/08/2021 - SNOW UPDATES
Was good to finally see some snow on mount macedon.... //Read more...

Fox in the Snow

23/08/2021 - SNOW UPDATES
We caught a fox on the snowcam, in the snow!... //Read more...

Snow Update: August 23, 2021

23/08/2021 - SNOW UPDATES
At around 415pm, we started getting some random snow flurries!... //Read more...

Our online store is now up and running

23/08/2021 - NEWS/UPDATES
Jump into Shop of the Range, our new online store!... //Read more...

We need you! ...Check us out on PATREON!

16/08/2021 - NEWS/UPDATES
We have finally launched our Patreon account, allowing you, our snowcam fans to contribute to the snowcam, and it's future features.... //Read more...

Online store is coming soon!

7/08/2021 - NEWS/UPDATES
We are almost ready to launch our online store. Stay tuned as we will let everyone know when this happens!... //Read more...

Snow Update: July 25, 2021

25/07/2021 - SNOW UPDATES
Some very light snow on the mount today. Please note that all roads and the park is still closed.... //Read more...

Snow Update: July 3, 2021

3/07/2021 - SNOW UPDATES
Some light flurries of snow this morning, nothing that settled on the ground though. ... //Read more...

Friends Group update (17-May-2021)

It was a great working bee today. After a couple of fairly ordinary days weather wise, we
were treated to a beauty. Clear blue skies, no wind, and an ideal working temperature.... //Read more...
  • Bridge works in action
  • Car Park Team in action at the park summit
  • Bridge works completed
  • Steam rising at Sanatorium Lake
  • Some of the planting team
  • The trail audit (and pruning!) team

Lest we forget.

25/04/2021 - NEWS/UPDATES
The Memorial Cross stands as a fitting memorial to those who have fallen, and while the grounds are currently in a state of disrepair, the cross itself continues to shine as a beacon of freedom, honouring those who have fought so hard for our Commonwealth.... //Read more...
  • Mount Macedon Memorial Cross

Local artist Caroliza

24/04/2021 - Top of the Range event
Local artist Caroliza, will be at Top of the Range on Saturday the 24th, and Sunday the 25th of April to showcase some of her fine work as part of the Open Studios Exhibition that is taking place at multiple great locations throughout the Macedon Ranges.... //Read more...
  • Caroliza

Kenneth the peacock is loving his new farm life

24/04/2021 - NEWS/UPDATES
For everyone wondering how Kenneth the peacock is going... he is living his best life up at our farm! Flirting with his peahens, and eating lots of treats. Here is a short video update...... //Read more...

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Explore Macedon Regional Park

Welcome to the summit of Mount Macedon.

Memorial Cross
One of the most significant war memorials in Victoria
ANZAC Dawn Service
Every year on ANZAC DAY, April 25th, a dawn service is held to honour those who have fought for Victoria, and Australia.
Sanatorium Lake
Quiet, cool, and full of flora... the lake is a must see on your visit to the park
Sanatorium Lake
Quiet, cool, and full of flora... the lake is a must see on your visit to the park

How to get here...

Top of the Range is located in the middle of Macedon Regional Park, at the summit of the amazing Mount Macedon.

Memorial Cross Loop Road: 415 Cameron Drive, Mount Macedon, Victoria

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