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Our online store is now up and running

NEWS/UPDATES - 23/08/2021

Snow in Top of the Range's forecourt

Our online store is now up and running

NEWS/UPDATE Published on 2021-08-23 by Top of the Range staff

Thanks to all of you amazing patient people who have been so suportive during our closures.

Our new online store is now up and running!

Check it out here:


Thanks again for your support, we look forward to adding more products to our store over the coming weeks, and months.



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Welcome to the summit of Mount Macedon.

Harbison Picnic Ground
Located next to Top of the Range tea rooms. Harbison picnic ground has BBQ, and toilet facilities, as well as a large car park.
Cameron Picnic Ground
The smallest picnic ground in the park, this area is a great pit stop on a walk from the tea rooms to Camels Hump.
Camels Hump
A rocky outcrop known as a Mamelon... The camels hump pushes Mount Macedons height to 1,010 metres above sea level
Sanatorium Picnic Ground
Stop for a picnic before heading to the eco-trail
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