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Lest we forget.

NEWS/UPDATES - 25/04/2021

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Lest we forget.

NEWS/UPDATE Published on 2021-04-25 by Top of the Range staff

The Memorial Cross stands as a fitting memorial to those who have fallen, and while the grounds are currently in a state of disrepair, the cross itself continues to shine as a beacon of freedom, honouring those who have fought so hard for our Commonwealth.

Lest we forget.


While there was no service at the Memorial Cross at Dawn, the dawn service committee pre-recorded a service on Monday night a few weeks ago. You can find this on their website.

We extended an invitation to the dawn service committee to allow us share this video on our high traffic social media channels and websites, but we didnt get a reply. So sorry to everyone who were expecting us to show it, we honestly thought we were going to be able to. Hopefully next time.

The Memorial Cross is open today, please remember to socially distance yourself from other visitors when paying your respects at the Cross.



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The Major Mitchell lookout has great views to the West, and is a great stop on the way to the Memorial Cross.
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