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Memorial Cross

We will remember them.

Mount Macedon Memorial Cross viewed from the West

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Memorial Cross

After the Shrine of Remembrance, Mount Macedon Memorial Cross is considered to be the most significant war memorial in Victoria. Located on the summit of the mountain within the War Memorial Cross Reserve, this imposing structure stands 21 metres high and commemorates all those who served in wars and conflicts.

Originally built in 1935 by local resident, William Cameron, the Mount Macedon Memorial Cross is a truly remarkable and awe-inspiring monument.

William Cameron

William Cameron, a prominent and wealthy local resident, during the great depression, wanted to do his part for his country and for his community. Building the Memorial Cross.

Mr.Cameron knew that not only would this new monument be a great way to honour our Australian heros, it also provided local jobs. His generousity also extended to the gardens surrounding the Cross and he even donated the road to the summit (which is named Cameron Drive.)


Every year on ANZAC Day (April 25th) there is an ANZAC Day Dawn Service at the Memorial Cross as the sun rises over Mount Macedon.

Cross Reserve

In 1995, the Cross reserve was declared a War Memorial Reserve. Various plaques from other Australian conflicts were unveiled in the reserve, just inside the gatehouse.

Snow falling at the Memorial Cross

This video was taken in 2012 when we got some unseasonably heavy snow in May.

How to get to Memorial Cross

The Memorial Cross is located at the summit of Mount Macedon. It can be accessed at the very end of Cameron Drive, 100 car parks, and multiple bus parks are only 350 metres walk from the Cross itself.

Memorial Cross image gallery

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