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Walking Tracks

30+ km of walking tracks are waiting for you!

PHOTO: Camel's Hump, Mount Macedon

Walking Tracks

Take a hike! Along one of Macedon Regional Parks 30km of walking tracks. Varying in length, and difficulty, there is a walking track to suit everyone.

A 30km loop track links many of the features of Macedon Regional Park and takes approximately seven hours to complete the entire walk. For a shorter walk, try one or more of the numbered sections marked on the map. A car shuttle may be necessary for some sections.

Planning your walk

  • Are you adequately clothed and equipped with a map, food, water, hat etc?
  • Are you allowing yourself enough time to complete the walk?
  • Are you fit enough to do the walk?
  • Have you notified someone of your destination, route and time of return?

1. Macedon Railway Station to Old Scout Camp - 2km, 40 mins, Easy

From the station, walk north along Smith Street and Middle Gully Road to the Old Scout Camp site. Along the way look for native orchids and Kangaroo Grass, widespread before European settlement, but reduced by grazing and early land management practices. Near the Scout Camp is one of the many stone bridges on the Melbourne-Bendigo railway line. The Sunbury to Woodend section was opened in 1861.

2. Scout Camp to Bawden Road / Douglas Road - 1.4km, 25mins, Easy to Moderate

You now enter Macedon Regional Park. Follow the arrows east. Shortly after crossing the shallow creek, turn left and begin walking uphill. After some time, follow the arrow pointing left. At the embankment, climb the stairs and cross Bawden Road. Over the road there is another wooden staircase leading to the top of the embankment.

3. Bawden Road / Douglas Road to Macedon Memorial Cross - 2.2km, 1hr, Moderate to Difficult

The track runs parallel with the road for a short distance before zigzagging up the southern face of Mount Macedon. This is the steepest part of the track and may be slippery. On reaching Hoods Track, you begin to leave the dry Messmate/gum forest and merge into a wet Messmate/gum forest. Since the Ash Wednesday fires of February 1983 there has been prolific regeneration including stands of wattle, Messmate, Snow Gum and Alpine Ash. The understorey contains plants such as Hazel Pomaderris and Hop Goodenia, and ferns such as Mother Shield and Fishbone. The track merges on to a sealed path within the Cross Reserve. Turn left to exit the Cross Reserve via the Gatehouse.

4. War Memorial Cross to Cameron Picnic Ground - 1.8km, 30min, Easy

Walk towards the Tearooms, turn left and follow the walking track sign to the Western Lookout loop, with views of Woodend and the surrounding areas. Return to the main track and proceed in a north-west direction through the Messmate forest, where you might see wallabies and wombats and hear many types of birds. Cameron Picnic Ground is a good spot for a break - it is 200m to the right off the main track.

5. Cameron Picnic Ground to The Camels Hump -2.7km, 1hr, Easy to Moderate

From Cameron Picnic Ground, return to the main track and head north-east. The track heads around the northerly aspect of the range crossing several management tracks, eventually merging into a dirt road at the boundary of private properties. Turn right and follow the arrows to McGregors Picnic Ground where there are toilets and fireplaces. The track continues along the northern boundary of the picnic ground and leads to a management track - turn right and follow the signs to The Camels Hump carpark. A 500 metre walk on a surfaced path takes you to the peak of The Camels Hump. A direction dial on the viewing platform helps you identify features in the surrounding landscape such as the volcanic mamelon of Hanging Rock. From The Camels Hump you have the choice of two routes: travel the south-east face of Mount Macedon towards Macedon Railway Station via Cameron Drive (Walks 6 to 9 - 10.3km - around 3hrs, 30 mins), or continue with the circuit track towards Sanatorium Lake (Walks 10 to 14 - 8.7km - around 3 hours)

6. The Camels Hump to Clyde Track (via Cameron Drive) - 1.4km, 30mins, Easy

To continue the round walk back to the Macedon Railway Station, return to The Camels Hump carpark, then follow the Cameron Drive road easement back to the Memorial Cross. Turn left at Clyde Track.

7. Clyde Track to Alton Road - 1.4km, 25 mins, Easy Follow the descending track through the remnant stand of wet Messmate/gum forest through the plantation areas to Alton Road.

8. Alton Road to Douglas Road / Bawden Road - 2.8km, 1hr, Easy

Follow Alton Road down to Douglas Road / Bawden Road, passing historic homes(Alton and Hascombe) on the southern face of the mount. Alton Road has views to Mount Towrong and over Mount Macedon township.

9. Douglas Road / Bawden Road to Macedon Railway Station - 4.7km, 90 mins, Easy

At Douglas Road turn right to go back to the embankment stairway, the Old Scout Camp and Macedon Railway Station. Alternatively, turn left to the township of Mount Macedon.

10.The Camels Hump to Days Picnic Ground - 1.8km, 30-40mins, Easy to Moderate

The circuit track loops around The Camels Hump and continues over Mount Macedon Road and on to Days Picnic Ground.

11.Sanatorium Lake Eco Track to Zig Zag Track - 2.6km, 45mins, Easy

Continue through Days Picnic Ground, cross Lions Head Road to the start of the Eco-Tourism Trail. Follow the signs to Sanatorium Lake. Take a stroll around the lake or follow the signs to Sanatorium Lake Picnic Ground. Continue through the picnic ground to Barringo Road and veer left to the start of Zig Zag Track.

12. Zig Zag Track to Hemphills Track - 1.3km, 15-25mins, Easy

The Zig Zag Track winds its way down through wet Messmate forest to Hemphills Track. You will hear many bird species calling through the valley.

13.Hemphills Track to Mount Towrong Track - 1.5km, 25mins, Easy

Hemphills Track branches left off Zig Zag Track and takes you through tall Messmate and gum forest.

14.Mount Towrong Track to Anzac Road (Macedon Township) - 1.5km, 45 mins, Difficult

Turn right off Hemphills Track and continue along Mount Towrong Track towards the summit. The understorey consists of Prickly Moses with dense Wiregrass, while the upper storey vegetation changes to dry Messmate, Broad-leaved Peppermint and Long-leaved Box. From the western face of Mount Towrong, you can view the township of Mount Macedon and local areas. The track becomes steep as you walk down towards Anzac Road. Descend the stairs and turn left then follow Anzac Road back towards Mount Macedon township.

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