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PHOTO: Wine with a view, from the balcony of Top of the Range

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If you're wanting to plan your day in Mount Macedon, and want to quickly make a booking with us; use the online booking form on the right.

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All bookings are subject to our bookings policy below.

Sorry! We're NOT currently taking bookings

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are not currently taking any bookings.
We hope to have bookings back once it is safe to do so! Check our website regularly for updates on when we will start taking bookings again.

You can also call us on 03 5427 3466, or email: hello@topoftherange.net for any questions about our opening times, and procedures.

Also: Visit our YouTube Channel to subscribe to live streams of the snowcam!

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How to get here...

Top of the Range is located in the middle of Macedon Regional Park, at the summit of the amazing Mount Macedon.

Memorial Cross Loop Road: 415 Cameron Drive, Mount Macedon, Victoria

Bookings Policy

Top of the Range bookings policy
Valid from January 1, 2019

  1. Top of the Range (TOTR) offers customers the option to book a table in order to guarantee a place in the tea rooms. However, TOTR will only hold a table for 15 minutes past the reservation time before the table is re-opened for use. This fair-use policy allows the table in question to continue being financially viable for the business.
  2. Confirmations of bookings
    - Bookings are not valid until confirmed by TOTR. This is done via SMS text or in some cases via a short phone call if required.
    - Confirmation texts will contain your booking information.
    - A text declining your booking request will be sent if we cannot service your booking. 
    - Confirmation texts are sent from a no-reply number, please contact TOTR on 0354273466 for any queries regarding your booking.
  3. Cancellations
    - TOTR reserves the right to cancel bookings at any stage
    - TOTR may cancel bookings with little to no notice due to events such as fire danger 
    - The customer may cancel a booking, however an admin fee may apply if the booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before the booking, and the booking has pre-ordered products or services. This fee is waived if the booking is cancelled by TOTR
    - Please contact us if you need to cancel
  4. Booking times/dates
    - TOTR will only take a booking during its standard open times
    - Bookings are considered as being 1 hour blocks (maximum) if you require a longer booking, it is up to you the customer to request this, otherwise the standard 1 hour booking will apply.
    - TOTR does not take bookings on Christmas Day, or Public holidays
    - TOTR will reject booking requests on weekends based on visitation/traffic at the time in question. This is to ensure those already being served in the tea rooms are being served with the highest quality of customer service.
  5. Bookings do not mean table-service, or priority service
    - TOTR does not do table service, please order at the front counter.
  6. Deposits
    - TOTR may requrie a non-refundable deposit to be paid in full in order to guarantee a booking. This usually applies only to larger bookings where applicable.
    - Deposits are required where bookings need TOTR to buy in a product or service that we do not usually offer. ie; weddings, large groups etc.
  7. TOTR offers pre-pay only
    - Unless otherwise arranged with management, all orders are to be paid for at time of ordering. TOTR does not offer a service where by the customer pays after consuming products or services.
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