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Top of the Range

Macedon Regional Park

PHOTO: Camel's Hump, Mount Macedon

Top of the Range

At 1,001 metres above sea level, our tea rooms grazes the clouds of the central Victorian sky, offering great views of the surrounding landscapes as far as the eye can see.

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Macedon Regional Park stretches across a 2,500 hectare area of Mount Macedon.

From a short walk, to rock-climbing. There is plenty to see and do! Find out more...

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Top of the Range News + Updates

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Scone picnic packs!

15/10/2021 - NEWS/UPDATES
Our yummy scones, fresh whipped cream, and housemade jam are now available in a PICNIC PACK!... //Read more...
  • Scone picnic packs!
  • Scone picnic packs!
  • Scone picnic packs!

Scone deliveries

14/10/2021 - NEWS/UPDATES
After an awesome first few weeks of scone deliveries... we are now doing another scone delivery for locals within 20km of our tea rooms... //Read more...
  • Scone deliveries

COVID Safety Reminders

11/10/2021 - NEWS/UPDATES
A friendly reminder that we as a business need to enforce certain rules so as to avoid a fine from Authorised Officers that ARE PATROLLING our venue on a regular basis.... //Read more...
  • COVID Safety Reminders
  • COVID Safety Reminders

Memorial Cross is now reopened

29/09/2021 - NEWS/UPDATES
All safety works have now been completed in the Cross Reserve, and the gates have now been opened for public access. ... //Read more...

Open hours

Top of the Range is usually open 7 days per week. However COVID-19 has resulted in the open hours listed below.

This is affected primarily by the COVID-19 situation that has resulted in staff shortages, and constantly changing rules. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope we can start bookings again soon.

10:00 - 16:00
Open within COVID-19 restrictions
10:00 - 16:00
Open within COVID-19 restrictions
10:00 - 16:00
Open within COVID-19 restrictions

Disclaimer: Our opening hours can change without notice due to fire danger, and severe weather events in Macedon Regional Park. We are also subject to closures due to COVID-19 restrictions without notice.

Our food menu

Automaticaly updated every day. Below is a random selection of a few items, view our entire food menu here.

Pizza Stone Baked: Ham and Pineapple
Mozarella. Ham and Pineapple
Bacon. Lettuce. Cheese. Tomato. Mayo on a Roll. Served with Fries
Served with Tomato Sauce. Chicken Salt Available.
Vegetarian Roll
Lettuce. Mayo. Cheese. Tomato and Egg. on a Roll. Served with Fries
The Ranger
Mayo. Cheese. Ham. Salami. Fetta. and Basil Pesto Toasted Sandwich. Served with Fries
Ham. Cheese and Tomato
Ham. Cheese and Tomato on a Roll. Served with Fries.
Bacon and Egg Roll
Add Cheese ($1) or Relish ($1)
Pizza Stone Baked: Vegetarian
Mozarella. Basil Pesto. Roasted Capsicum. Red Onion. Fetta and Rocket.
...Plus SCONES, and a whole lot more!

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Explore Macedon Regional Park

Welcome to the summit of Mount Macedon.

Days Picnic Ground
Every year during the Autumn time, Mount Macedon comes alive with the amazing colours of leaves.
ANZAC Dawn Service
Every year on ANZAC DAY, April 25th, a dawn service is held to honour those who have fought for Victoria, and Australia.
Sanatorium Lake
Quiet, cool, and full of flora... the lake is a must see on your visit to the park
ANZAC Dawn Service
Every year on ANZAC DAY, April 25th, a dawn service is held to honour those who have fought for Victoria, and Australia.

How to get here...

Top of the Range is located in the middle of Macedon Regional Park, at the summit of the amazing Mount Macedon.

Memorial Cross Loop Road: 415 Cameron Drive, Mount Macedon, Victoria

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