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Stay up to date with the latest from the summit of Mount Macedon.

We will post updates here on a regular basis; from new arrivals in the ift shop, to job offers, to fire danger alerts, and snow alerts.

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Top of the Range News

Normal opening hours will be returning in the next few weeks!

28/10/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
We are very excited to get back to some sense of normality. Our open days, and hours will be returning to 7 days shortly.... //Read more...

Contact-less online ordering... NOW AVAILABLE

24/10/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
We have been working hard on a new online ordering web-app that will allow your to order without having to handle money, or even tap the eftpos machine!... //Read more...

Sign up for job alerts

22/10/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
Sign up to TOTR job alerts to hear about jobs as soon as they are posted to our website.... //Read more...

Premiers COVID update for Regional Victoria

18/10/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
Top of the Range is currently working on ways to allow sit-in dining that takes your safety, and our safety into account. We will post updates soon about this.... //Read more...

Congrats to a happy local couple!

11/10/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
Congrats to a local couple that had a unique, and very awesome wedding proposal on Mount Macedon today!... //Read more...

NEW Website

4/10/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
Our new website is up, and running! You will be able to explore everything we have to offer, including a wide range of information on all of the park landmarks...... //Read more...

Snow Update: September 26, 2020

26/09/2020 - SNOW UPDATES
Some small patches of snow still around from yesterday, but the sun is out so it will melt fast.... //Read more...

Snow Update: September 25, 2020

25/09/2020 - SNOW UPDATES
Some light patches of snow on the mount this morning. Head over to the live camera for updates!... //Read more...

Park updates (COVID-19)

13/09/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
As of 1159 pm on 13 Sep 2020, the park picnic tables will be reopened for public use. Social distancing rules will still apply within the park.... //Read more...

Snow update: August 22, 2020

22/08/2020 - SNOW UPDATES
Best snow of 2020 (to date)... Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay in the loop... //Read more...

Snow Update: August 21, 2020

21/08/2020 - SNOW UPDATES
A light dusting of snow today. We are expeting more tomorrow!... //Read more...

Snow Update: August 4, 2020

4/08/2020 - SNOW UPDATES
Just a light dusting today. Not enough to make snowmen, but subscribe to our channels to keep up to date with snow on Mount Macedon.... //Read more...

COVID-19 Update

12/07/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES

Latest updates from Top of the Range

8/06/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
We are OPEN!... But just for take-away at this stage...... //Read more...

Memorial Cross Reserve has reopened

13/05/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
The Memorial Cross Reserve has REOPENED. Remember to adhere to all gathering, and social distancing rules.... //Read more...

Our YouTube

5/05/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
We have lots of snow videos, and videos of Kenneth the peacock (Ranger Kenny) to look at... Jump on, and subscribe! It might not be the same as visiting the summit of Mount Macedon, but it's a good substitute during these times.

... //

5 PERCENT DISCOUNT when you pay by card!

14/03/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
In an effort to reduce the contact with coins, and bank notes; we are offering a 5 percent discount when you use your card. ... //Read more...

Share your Top of the Range colour-in artwork!

10/02/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
Visited us recently? Youll have seen our colour in sheets popular with kids young and old! ... Well now you can submit them to our website via your smartphone for the world to see!... //Read more...

New giftware has landed

1/02/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
Drop into Top of the Range today and pickup some fancy new things!... //Read more...


2/01/2020 - NEWS/UPDATES
Have a happy, and safe new year!... //

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Explore Macedon Regional Park

Welcome to the summit of Mount Macedon.

Memorial Cross
One of the most significant war memorials in Victoria
ANZAC Dawn Service
Every year on ANZAC DAY, April 25th, a dawn service is held to honour those who have fought for Victoria, and Australia.
Days Picnic Ground
Every year during the Autumn time, Mount Macedon comes alive with the amazing colours of leaves.
Camels Hump
A rocky outcrop known as a Mamelon... The camels hump pushes Mount Macedons height to 1,010 metres above sea level

How to get here...

Top of the Range is located in the middle of Macedon Regional Park, at the summit of the amazing Mount Macedon.

Memorial Cross Loop Road: 415 Cameron Drive, Mount Macedon, Victoria

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