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2020-09-13 // Park updates (COVID-19)
As of 1159 pm on 13 Sep 2020, the park picnic tables will be reopened for public use. Social distancing rules will still apply within the park. ...Read more
2020-08-22 // Snow update: August 22, 2020
Best snow of 2020 (to date)... Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay in the loop ...Read more
2020-08-21 // Snow Update: August 21, 2020
A light dusting of snow today. We are expeting more tomorrow! ...Read more
2020-08-04 // Snow Update: August 4, 2020
Just a light dusting today. Not enough to make snowmen, but subscribe to our channels to keep up to date with snow on Mount Macedon. ...Read more
2020-07-12 // COVID-19 Update
 ...Read more
2020-06-08 // Latest updates from Top of the Range
We are OPEN!... But just for take-away at this stage... ...Read more
2020-05-13 // Memorial Cross Reserve has reopened
The Memorial Cross Reserve has REOPENED. Remember to adhere to all gathering, and social distancing rules. ...Read more
2020-05-05 // Our YouTube
We have lots of snow videos, and videos of Kenneth the peacock (Ranger Kenny) to look at... Jump on, and subscribe! It might not be the same as visiting the summit of Mount Macedon, but it's a good substitute during these times.

 ...Read more
2020-03-14 // 5 PERCENT DISCOUNT when you pay by card!
In an effort to reduce the contact with coins, and bank notes; we are offering a 5 percent discount when you use your card.  ...Read more
2020-02-10 // Share your Top of the Range colour-in artwork!
Visited us recently? Youll have seen our colour in sheets popular with kids young and old! ... Well now you can submit them to our website via your smartphone for the world to see! ...Read more
2020-02-01 // New giftware has landed
Drop into Top of the Range today and pickup some fancy new things! ...Read more
2020-01-02 // HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Have a happy, and safe new year! ...Read more
2019-12-12 // We just turned 8!
As we celebrate 8 years at Top of the Range, we must Thank you, our customers for your great ongoing support! ...Read more
2019-12-08 // A stroll around Sanatorium Lake
Looking for a nice afternoon stroll and stay cool in the heat this summer? ...Read more
2019-11-01 // New website
This is our new website, we hope you find it really easy to use ...Read more
2019-08-10 // Snow Update: August 10, 2019
Great day of snow today. ...Read more
2019-05-29 // Snow Update: May 29, 2019
Light dusting of snow today ...Read more
2019-05-28 // Snow Update: May 28, 2019
A few flakes of snow today. ...Read more
2018-09-15 // Snow Update: September 15, 2018
A few light flakes of snow! ...Read more
2018-08-19 // Snow Update: August 19, 2018
Great covering of snow on Mount Macedon today ...Read more
2018-07-20 // Snow Update: July 20, 2018
Light snow flakes for a few minutes... still feels a little wet for snow to settle... will be posting updates as they come to hand. ...Read more
2018-07-10 // Snow Update: July 10, 2018
Light snow covering. ...Read more
2018-05-10 // Snow Update: May 10, 2018
Very light flakes on Mount Macedon today. ...Read more
2017-09-20 // Snow Update: September 20, 2017
Mount Maceodn SNOW in the news! Channel 9 Melbourne dropped by for a visit ...Read more
2017-09-14 // Snow Update: September 14, 2017
Very LIGHT dusting of snow this morning. ...Read more
2017-09-05 // Snow Update: September 5, 2017
Good covering of snow on Mount Macedon Today ...Read more
2017-09-04 // Snow Update: September 4, 2017
SNOW... MELTING FAST THOUGH.... The sun is out in force now!

 ...Read more
2017-08-28 // Snow Update: August 28, 2017
Good covering of snow... falling in thick clumps. Drive safe! ...Read more
2017-08-27 // Snow Update: August 27, 2017
Light covering of snow this afternoon. Looks like it might stick around overnight. ...Read more
2017-08-21 // Snow Update: August 21, 2017
Snow on mount macedon. ...Read more
2017-08-19 // Snow Update: August 19, 2017
Light snow on mount macedon. ...Read more
2016-10-22 // Snow Update: October 22, 2016
Some light snow at the top of Mount Macedon... ...Read more
2016-07-23 // Snow Update: July 23, 2016
Very light flakes of snow on mount macedon ...Read more
2015-08-17 // Snow Update: August 21, 2015
One of the first broadcasts of the SnowCam.. all the way back in 2015 ...Read more
2015-06-04 // Snow Update: June 4, 2015
Cute little wombat running in the snow on mount macedon. ...Read more

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